Customer Survey

What you Really Think of us

We polled our top 250 customers as part of our first Customer Satisfaction Survey. We pride ourselves on customer service but simply saying we’re good at it is not enough. That’s what prompted the survey and we believe the results speak for themselves:

Overall, how satisfied are you with Servium as a company to do business with?
99% said they were Extremely Satisfied or Satisfied

How do you rate your Account Manager?
98% rated them Excellent or Good

How do you rate our customer service?
95% considered it Excellent or Good

How do you rate our finance and credit control? 
93% indicated it was Excellent or Good

How knowledgeable is your Account Manager?
97% suggested they were Very Knowledgeable or Knowledgeable

Overall how satisfied are you with the customer experience you have received from Servium?
96% said they were Very Satisfied or Satisfied

In relation to your other partners, how does our overall service quality compare?
75% said we were Much Better or Somewhat Better

How likely are you to recommend our business to another organisation?
73% told us they were Very Likely or Likely

If you like what you see and value first class customer service, get in touch and see how we compare.

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