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Service and innovation A winning formula

Be Proud, Say it Loud

We believe we’re different to your average IT partner. As a nationwide Solutions Provider, we ensure that every single thing we do adds as much value as possible to the solutions we provide – we’re not in the business of inventing nebulous IP and woolly service methodologies, instead we occupy our efforts with delivering first class service to our customers wherever they are in the UK. In fact our name – Servium – is actually latin for ‘to serve’, something ingrained in the very fabric our business.

The result is a responsive business that puts itself in the centre of our customer’s challenges and works hard to deliver creative solutions through our comprehensive network of vendor and technology partners.

Just take a look at who we work with, the customers who put their trust in us and why they choose to work with us


Play to Strengths

We let the vendors focus on what they do best – coming up with the right technology – whilst we focus on what we do best – offering our customer independent, impartial advice whilst working tirelessly to gel the solution together in the right time and at the right price. In our mind it’s the small things which make this possible. That’s why we’re fanatical about detail and how when rolled together it’s all the small things that leave that final lasting impression.

Hawk Eye

Our desire to overcome our customer’s challenges is matched only by our keen eye for exploiting the very best emerging technologies from upcoming and established vendors alike. We put these technologies to work to deliver new economies not previously possible. Whether you need to save money, free up resources, streamline process or anything in between, blended with our flexible approach to business and culture of customer excellence we’ll bring fresh thinking and valuable answers.

Take a closer look at our culture, the solutions we deliver and how we go about our business and we think you’ll find it a refreshing change.


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