Now you can trust the public cloud with your web apps

Despite the clear benefits of hosting critical apps in the public cloud, there is still a considerable reticence surrounding its adoption. Security remains the primary concern – in particular, uncertainties regarding levels of protection, confusion over where the responsibility for app security lies, and if traditional security measures are up to the job of protecting cloud workloads.

Engineered for the cloud, Barracuda Networks’ new approach to securing apps overcomes all of these challenges. Named the Cloud Generation Firewall, it natively integrates with your cloud provider’s infrastructure and helps to embrace the full potential of the public cloud.

In partnership with Barracuda Networks, our latest white paper explores:

  • The limitations of existing public cloud security
  • How using the public cloud for your critical applications can benefit your business
  • How Barracuda’s Cloud Generation Firewall can help you overcome security challenges
  • How you can realise the perfect balance of reliable security and the flexibility of cloud

For more valuable insights, download the white paper.

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