Servium VOAvSphere from VMware is the perfect foundation for the journey to the Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC). It is the leading platform for virtualisation, enabling users to virtualise any server, application or service on demand. Virtual machines (VMs) can be spun up at an astonishing pace, given the ease of deployment, and bring superior performance to any IT environment.

The challenge this presents is that creating virtual machines is too simple. For this reason it is common for organisations to create too many VMs, leading to VM sprawl and potentially resulting in an environment that is out of control. Similarly, VMs can become over or under-provisioned, unnecessarily consuming resources or else putting certain VMs at risk of failure.

By conducting a VMware Optimisation Assessment (VOA) for your environment, we demonstrate the savings and gains that could be made by employing intelligent VMware vRealize Operations (vROPs) technology within your infrastructure. The VOA provides a point-in-time snapshot of both your virtual and physical infrastructures, revealing:

  • Greater insight and visibility into your environment
  • Issues that may be causing or about to cause you problems
  • Capacity or performance challenges
  • Potential hardware savings

Thanks to vROPs technology, the impact of virtualisation on your infrastructure can be accurately measured for the first time. Harnessing this technology is also an important precursor for a SDDC – with vROPs, you can begin to take advantage of the same automation and management capabilities.

The VMware Optimisation Assessment is a completely free and non-intrusive 30-day service.

Can’t spare 30 days?

We’re also able to deliver a VOA Flex.  A cut-down assessment, it delivers top level insight from as little as 3 days, and is absolutely free.

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